Bodytrain S9000 GT Racing Exercise Bike

£ 299.95
The Bodytrain S9000 is an incredibly well priced, high specification unit, that offers all of the features you will find on a gym style studio racing bike at a fraction of the price. The handles on the S9000 offer multiple grip positions. These are essential when completing a studio class in the comfort of your own home. There are endless workouts available on Youtube so you will always have a new workout to try or you can stick with your tried and tested routine. The options for home workouts are endless with the S9000. The tension is controlled in the same way as on studio style bikes, simply turn the tension knob to either make it harder or easier to peddle. The tension knob also doubles as an emergency brake, simply push it in and the flywheel and peddles will stop spinning around. Just like the bikes in the gym, the flywheel gearing is fixed meaning that the flywheel and pedals are directly connected allowing you to really build up the cadence even when you test yourself with high

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