Honma T//World XP-1 Golf Irons Graphite

£ 1 179.00
Honma T//World XP-1 Golf Irons Steel     Although Honma are a relatively new name on these shores they have been one of the most revered club manufacturers in Asia for decades. With a reputation for putting quality before anything else the performance of any Honma golf club is guaranteed as each club is meticulously hand crafted by their skilled technicians. Unlike other manufacturers Honma ensure that every head and shaft combination are blended to work together perfectly to the point that they create their own award-winning graphite shafts.    The Honma T//World XP-1 Golf Irons Steel is from the latest range of Honma irons and they are a superb entry into the game improvement category.  The Honma XP-1 boasts a large confidence...

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