Titleist 2020 Jet Black Golf Tour Staff Bag

£ 399.00
The new Jet Black Titleist Staff Bag just oozes class.  Titleist fans will love this one!  It's one the most used staff bags on Tour and if packed with features that will make feel every bit as a good as a modern Tour Player (even if you're not quite as good!).The new version of Titleist's Tour Bag has lighter weight construction than some earlier models.  It features a 9.5 top with 6-way divider with velour covered top to protect your precious shafts.  The bag features integrated lift handles for easy transportation in our out of the car.  As with most Tour bags, there aren't quite as many pockets as some modern cart bags but there are a total of 6 pockets including large apparel pockets, magnetic pockets for accessories as well as..."

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