Mizuno 2020 ST-200G Driver 9.0 Diamana D+ Stiff

£ 349.00
Product Description TOUR READY. WORLD READY. Low to mid-spin with Beta rich Ti face. Best for high swing speed efficiency. Even faster from the clubface and more reliable from miss-hits with spin rates adjustable anywhere from mid to ultra-low. Built upon a resilient Beta Rich Forged Titanium face that precisely reaches current tournament regulations and maintains its characteristics over time. Sound engineered for an enhanced sense of feedback and control. 17% STRONGER FACE MATERIALMulti thickness, Forged SAT Beta 20141 Ti is incredibly responsive across the clubface and maintains performance for longer (compared to traditional 6-4 Ti).TOUR READYShape refined by Yoro craftsmen accustomed to special tour requests. A flatter crown and slightly flatter lie angle will appeal to better players. ULTRA-LOW SPIN OPTIONLonger tracks provide more effective weight movement, allowing mid/low to ultra-low spin positions. PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCEWeight savings from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown used low and deep to combine low spin with stability from off-centre strikes. PURE AT IMPACTA collection of structural refinements to achieve a more tour preferred, solid sound at impact. LOFT ADJUSTABLE BY 4 DEGREESwith additional upright and flatter settings.

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