Hilllman PGM Golf Artificial Turf Two Hole Putting Green

£ 79.95
We are very pleased to be able to offer the latest range of Hillman products that are the result of a collaboration with PGM Golf Practice Aids. PGM are one of the leading manufactures of golf equipment in the world today. The Hillman Golf Two Hole Putting Green is a great way to improve your putting and despite its large size thanks to the clever roll-up design it can be stored easily and used anywhere flat making it ideal for office, home or garden use. The 8mm turf replicates the characteristics of a premium golf course green and gives realistic green performance while the 20mm longer pile turf will not only catch off-target putts but is like the green edge and will allow you to realistically practice shots from just off the green and fine-tune this tricky area of putting performance. There are 2 holes for different practice drills, the 105mm is slightly smaller than standard size so that when you get onto the course the holes will seem larger. The 75mm hole has been designed to rea

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