Evnroll ER7 Full Mallet Putters

£ 299.00
Evnroll putters allow the ball to travel it's full distance even on a miss-hit, with grooves that actually do something and help to keep the ball in a straight line, instead of curving away to the right or left. Considering the majority of us aren't professionals and don't hit the centre of the putter every time this technology is priceless. Today, models are robot tested against rival companies putters to show how good they actually are. Putter technology that can do for golfers on the green what titanium did on the tee box. The new Evnroll putter line represents the perfect blend of design and performance technology. “The Sweetest Face In Golf". Technology that actually works, Feel, roll, alignment, what else do you need? If you struggle to hit the sweet spot and your scores are suffering as a result, then look no further than the Evnroll ER7 Mallet putter.

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