Barista & Co - Ice Bar Jug - Electric Steel

£ 39.95
The Ice Bar maintains your drinks chilled temperature without dilution, ensuring the ideal serving. Perfect for when you need to keep fine flavours without dilution through ice cubes. Ideal to use with iced coffee, juice or your favourite alcoholic beverages. The simplicity of this design allows for the jug to be used with or without the Ice Bar, as the bar easily unscrews from the lid. How to use: 1. Unscrew the Ice Bar from the lid and fill with fresh water to the max level marker. 2. Screw the lid onto the ice bar securely and lean the filled ice bar in your freezer until frozen. once frozen, remove from the freezer. Pour your favourite chilled beverage into the jug and slowly insert the ice bar. 3. The ice bar will prolong the chilled drinks temperature without removing any flavours. 4. We recommend keeping the filled ice bar in the freezer when not in use so that your ice bar is always ready to use

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