Big Air 7x10ft Rectangular Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

£ 299.95
Brief Description This range isn’t just for kids, it’s for the whole family! Parents, teenagers and children alike can enjoy the Big Air Universal experience and enjoy it, you will. Suitable for large families, small families, young children and old, you really can’t go wrong choosing a Big Air Universal as it’s perfect for everyone. (The manufacturers state that the trampoline is not suitable for solo use by children under 6 years of age, however younger children can use these trampolines at your discretion and with appropriate adult supervision). Made with our thickest and strongest 2.5mm HOT galvanised steel frame, this range offers a fun filled bouncing bonanza for the whole family to use. Designed to incorporate the strength to comfortably hold adults, but to not compromise on the spring reaction for the kids, all in all Big Air Universal will meet almost everyone’s needs and you’ll be bouncing for hours Rectangular Trampolines Due to it's shape, rectangular trampolines have sprin

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